adp run reviews

Roll by ADP will be easy to use for anyone familiar with texting and cell phone navigation. If you are most familiar with traditional payroll software interfaces, you may find that Roll by ADP’s app is inefficient. Texting to get things done rather than just hitting preset buttons can be irksome. If you’re not loving Roll by ADP’s mobile app, you can head to Roll by ADP’s desktop version to get payroll done on a bigger screen.

adp run reviews

However, if you are a relatively smaller business with around 50 employees, we don’t recommend using this service provider since it does have a hefty cost in the long run. HR Pro from ADP is comparable to HRFH’s Compliance Complete Package. The Compliance Navigator Package from HRFH is HR Pro, minus payroll services. The other two ADP service packages — Essential and Enhanced — are focused on the payroll needs of small businesses with HR support limited to new hire onboarding. If budget isn’t a concern, the implementation process may be. This could be a limitation for businesses with an immediate need for a payroll service.

Additional cost for many features

This ensures that payroll, benefits, retirement, taxes and deductions get deposited, filed and reconciled automatically. ADP RUN is suitable for small businesses across many fields, such as hospitality and restaurant, healthcare, retail, financial services, and manufacturing. RUN Powered by ADP offers an excellent selection of reports in a variety of categories including Payroll, Taxes, Benefits, and HR, with custom reporting options available as well. If you’re a small business owner, RUN Powered by ADP gives you the tools you need in an easy-to-use format that will have you processing payroll in minutes, not days. Compensation may impact the order of which offers appear on page, but our editorial opinions and ratings are not influenced by compensation.

adp run reviews

ADP RUN is a payroll software solution to help small businesses run payroll with no additional human resource features. Business owners will also like that ADP offers access to certified payroll professionals 24 hours a day, seven days a week. ADP uses a per-payroll cost structure, which means you pay fees each time you process payroll, so you cannot process an unlimited number of payrolls each month. Some other providers we reviewed charge only a monthly fee, which allows you to process as many payrolls as you want each month for the same price. Business owners need to consider how many times per month they want to run payroll in order to determine which structure offers them the best value. ADP is our choice for the best payroll software for growing businesses.

What is RUN Powered by ADP?

While ADP RUN’s base plan focuses on payroll services, it is easy to integrate other ADP services for a fee. Everything from time tracking to retirement services to insurance benefits is a part of their suite and can be plugged into the existing tool with little effort or setup. Anyone who has worked in HR solutions or payroll is familiar with ADP, Inc. This giant of the payroll processing industry offers a whole range of products for businesses of every size. For smaller businesses, they offer ADP RUN. With full-service payroll features and expanded HR features available, ADP RUN is a solution for businesses that value scalability and ease of use. However, TriNet Zenefits has some payroll features that RUN Powered by ADP doesn’t, such as lifetime accounts.

adp run reviews

The cutoff for ADP payroll is at least two banking days before the pay date. ADP’s services are not, like Gusto and TriNet Zenefits, limited to the U.S. Employee access adp run reviews to new-hire paperwork, pay history and W-2s/1099s. Now that we’ve gone through the main aspects of RUN, let’s recall the main benefits and drawbacks of the software.

Account Information

Robie has more than five years of content writing experience and specializes in writing about payroll and human resources software for small businesses. Time, salary, benefits, and other information can be accessed via the web or mobile app of the company. It is available on Windows, Android, Mac, iPhone, and Linux.

You can also do other tasks that were previously difficult but are now possible with Roll. Roll’s chat-based interface guides users through the entire payroll process in just few taps – all from their phone. Roll by ADP puts the expertise and reliability that the largest name in payroll right in your pocket.


Unlike Zenefits, there is no assistance in discontinuing payroll and benefits for employees. We include product screenshots to give you a sense of this solution’s interface and usability. If you need payroll software that is more accommodating for contingent workers, try Zenefits. Our checking account was hacked and we were shut down and had to change checking accounts. They did make our payroll – and notified us later they had funded the payroll from their monies.

Is ADP a good brand?

ADP is one of the best online payroll software solutions to automate payroll tasks and ensure that your employees get paid promptly and correctly.

Why is ADP so good?

ADP has developed tools, processes and customization options to manage even the most complex business models. That makes it a great choice for larger, regulated and multistate employers that need one system to manage all workforce data.

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