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by mytell in on June 5, 2020


Use the website to target a wider market

Better showcase your products and services

Get more detailed visitor statistics

Why create a website?

This is an easy way to grow your business, as clients will find you on Google and other search engines. You will also get access to new options: adding products, widgets, and starting promotions.

How does it work?

Facebook allows the creation of your website thanks to its API tool. This is 100% safe, the data is simply copied from the site and added to the website’s template

What data are imported from your page?

We convert photos, covers, logos, page categories, news from the Timeline, contact details, reviews, events, and the page info.

Is it safe for my Facebook page?

Absolutely! We won’t have access to editing your page. Conversion of your page is a one-time procedure during which we collect the data and create a website.

What if I only have a Profile but I want to create a website?

If you don’t have a Facebook Page, you can still create your website from your Profile

Don’t have a Facebook Page, only a VK group?

Try our new tool that lets you create a website from a VK profile or public page

Where can I edit my website’s content?

After your website has been created, you can proceed to editing it in the Builder. For this, click on the Edit button. In the Builder, you can update your website’s information, edit elements and page design.

What will be my website’s domain name?

This will be a system name, like?

When you are finished, you can connect a domain name you already own, or buy one directly on your Dashboard.

What do I do after the website is created?

If you are happy with how your website looks, go ahead and publish it.

Next, connect Google Analytics, submit your website to Google Search Console, connect a custom domain or buy one on the Dashboard.

Finally, once the free trial expires, upgrade to Premium to enjoy all features in full.

Is this website good for SEO?

You will have a fully-fledged website with everything set for SEO. All you have to do is add meta tags, submit your website to Google Search Console, and connect your custom domain like

Where will my website be hosted?

We provide you cloud hosting service, i.e. after you create a website it is already hosted with us, and once you publish it ? it is available online.


Features of Our Online Store:

Shopping Cart

Let your customers add multiple products from your store to their cart. They can buy multiple products in one go and save on shipping costs.

Secure Checkout

Your Online Store is powered by Instamojo?s own payment platform, with bank level security standards and PCI-DSS compliance. No need to worry about payment gateways.

Sell on Social Media

Share your product links on Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Emails, SMS and let your customers pay and buy your product right there.

Built-in Analytics

Get data about your customers and track your sales trends over time. Analytics helps you stay in charge of your business.

Track Sales

Track sales as and when they happen using Instamojo android app. The Instamojo On-demand payment App helps you stay updated with your sales.

Honest & Transparent Pricing

2%+ ?3 per successful transaction

5% + ?3 for selling digital goods

No Setup Fee. Pay only when you sell. Get Started in 2 minutes.

Quick & Reliable transfers: Automatically receive money in your bank account (savings or current) within 3 days.


Now, the second and the most important task is to design this website, isn’t it?

This is very similar to; that you have bought a piece of land and the second step is to build a Home on it!

So, when u think about website-design and search on Google or Just-Dial you come across so many Web-Designer professionals. They give u huge and expensive quotation and also maintenance and updates and changes are chargeable.

This is awahhhhhh!!!!

So I, introduces you a very very very cheap Web-Site Builder which is Do-It-Yourself and as easy as using your facebook account!!!

Also, as this website builder is Do-It-Yourself; you are not charged for any updates and changes you do to your websiite!!!

Plz download below Image so that you can have a look on our Price List where you can see that we offer Prices as low as Rs.500/- Per Month!!!

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